Awareness-Pedophilia isn’t an sexual orientation

I never thought I would end up living the days of such a sick and dysfunctional society. As if it weren’t enough that we have this pandemic that is already spreading for the second year, too much freedom and too many mass movements, what was missing to be the icing on the cake is the normalization of pedophilia.

Recently, scrolling through Tik Tok, an entertainment app, I came across a clip that raises this issue. That the normalization of pedophilia is desired. And because the spirit of journalism never leaves me when it comes to news, I started to investigate. And do you know what happens when you look for answers? Well, you find them.
Apparently, a few speakers appeared at TEDx talks to inform people why we should accept that pedophilia is not a problem of society but rather a sexual orientation. And just as we heterosexuals live our lives quietly and happily with our partners, pedophiles should have the same rights. It’s incredible, this is mind-blowing.

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Based on what the USA TODAY NEWS say, they would like to join the LGBT + community, but the community would not want to associate with them. These would be called ”clovergender” and are based on this definition: ” Clovergender are children trapped in the physical bodies of adults. We are campaigning for awareness and for our rights. Join the fight. ”

Naledi Mashishi said, and I quote: ”While pedophiles do operate online, we could find no evidence of any “clovergender” or “age-fluid” communities or anyone genuinely identifying as with the terms.
Instead, the clovergender campaign is one of several online disinformation campaigns that have attempted to discredit the LGBTQI community.
One campaign claimed LGBTQI people wanted to add a P to the acronym to include. Another said there was a call for the acceptance of “minor-attracted people”, or MAPS, in the LGBTQ community.” Well, I think this is a big problem for everybody if this ”current” comes to life.

Instead of thinking about ways to get rid of this pandemic and be healthy, all this time in isolation, more or less, does nothing but create all sorts of harmful “desires”.
We will soon be afraid to take our children to kindergartens and schools or leave them out to play alone. Such a pedophile can be anywhere.

In which direction is our society going? I am more and more worried about how many things want to be normalized.

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