10 Etiquette tips for ladies

If you respect yourself and want to show that you are smart and stylish, I think this article will help you a lot. I have proposed some ideas that you should take care of when you go out in public and you want to leave a good impression. I hope you’ll find this helpful.

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•When you walk into a restaurant, you never turn your back on other customers. You only have 7 seconds to leave a good impression, so be very careful about this aspect. All you have to do is open the door with your right hand and change your hands behind your back and close it with your left hand. Eye contact is very important. The chin should always be parallel to the floor. Be confident.

•You never walk into a restaurant on the phone. The people you are going to dine with are important at that time. You can return a phone call to the person you were talking to a little later. Respect is very important.

•If you wear a baseball-style hat, it always comes off your head. In general, women can wear hats that complete their outfit and this is allowed indoors until 6 pm.

•Always keep personal belongings in your bag. No one wants to have a table full of things, especially before ordering. Put your sunglasses and phone in your bag and that will go behind you, on the chair. The table must always remain free.

•Never raise the menu as you would read the newspaper. At a formal dinner, always make sure the menu touches the table, whether its bottom or side. It is important to always touch the table.

•In order to attract the waiter’s attention, it is not necessary to wave your hands in the air, do not yell at the waiter, do not snap your fingers, or be rude. Simply lift two fingers, make eye contact and eventually nod. Always be classy.

•The croissant is eaten only for breakfast, whether it is served simply or with a coffee. It is very important to know that cutlery is not used to eat a croissant, but is eaten by hand.

•At a formal dinner, when a glass of wine is served, do not click the glasses. It just raise a little in the air, make eye contact, and says simple: ”cheers”.

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•If you eat pasta, never cut them. Also do not use a spoon. You take a few strands, twirl them in your fork, separate them from the rest of the plate and eat. Don’t hoover up in your mouth.

•If you’re talking you shouldn’t gesture holding the cutlery in your hands. Swallow your food and talk with no utensils. Hold the fork and the knife properly, and try to gesture as less as possible.

You have to remember these ten aspects when going out to a formal dinner, or even with friends. Nothing changes if dinner is not formal.  And no, you don’t look like a fussy person, but a person who has polished herself over time and who respects herself. I hope you liked this article, that you find it helpful and if you have suggestions or if you want me to go on this topic any further, I am waiting for you in the comments section. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Sources: Actor/Model Sofia Marbella


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4 thoughts on “10 Etiquette tips for ladies

  1. Very good advice for women and men as we can both benefit from what you wrote. Although when I dine out I like to be a little bit more relaxed it’s also nice to be classy at the table every now and then as it adds an extra layer of pleasure to the dining experience.

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    1. We certainly all have moments when we want to relax, but the minimum of manners should not be left at home. In my post I was referring more to the formal dining. I’m glad you enjoy my articles. ☺️

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