Deea Skye

Blogger & Content creator

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Deea Skye and I am very delighted every time I see someone is visiting my blog.

I’m Romanian and I moved to Finland in 2020; I also spent a fair amount of time in France. I’d love to travel more one day, but I’ve never been outside of Europe.

In the online, I am a content creator, blogger, and social activist for various cases that I consider very important.

I have a license in pharmaceutical products but I am working in a car building company, creating EV batteries . If I got to choose my carrier path now, I’d probably go for something closer to the pharmacy or human medicine. But I always loved to write. About many things. And that’s how my blog was born.

I think I have always had an attraction to the Nordic countries.

I consider myself lucky to have caught so many musical currents, but my soul remained in the ’70s with the Abba band and The 1975.