Graveyard Dessert- Halloween recipe 🦇

In tune with this time of year, with all the decorations and stories about vampires and werewolves, there is no chance of not having something sweet that everyone likes. So today, instead of an article about spells and other superstitions, I want to present you a dessert that I honestly can’t wait to try. For […]

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13- Number or mythology 🦇

Whether we are talking about the Mayan calendar or the Genesis, this number has always been the fascination of the whole world. And as we are in the month of Halloween, I would like to develop this topic a bit. Even nowadays for some 13th, it means a bad day. For others, it has other […]

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Dracula- myth, history and tradition 🦇

Probably we all heard of Dracula at least a few times. The vampire with big teeth and strangely dressed, but so proud of his inheritance. But what is the story behind this character? Well, that’s what I want to talk about in this article. There will be articles on the theme of Halloween throughout October […]

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October- the spooky month🦇

October has begun, the month in which creativity can exceed limits. Halloween is not that far away and I think we all love sweets, costumes, parties, and mysteries. And there are a lot of activities to do during this period to have a lot of fun. It depends on the tradition of each country how […]

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